Historical Background

Historical Background

The history of Bezalin S.A. dates back to 1859 when Mr K. Schauderna and his son founded a small factory manufacturing hemp, cotton and wire ropes. In 1945 the real assets of the factory were nationalised and became the ownership of the State. By the decree of the Minister of Light Industry, a new company was set up: Bielskie Zaklady Lin i Powrozow (Bielsko Ropes & Cordage Factory), which manufactured rope products.

Since 1956 the range of production expanded to include woven items such as belts, webbings and fire hoses. Consequently, there was also a change in the name of the company - now it was Bielskie Zaklady Lin i Pasow - Bezalin (Bielsko Ropes & Belts Factory - Bezalin. The dynamic development of the plant between 1960 and 1973 contributed to the transformation of the small company into a cordage and woven products tycoon.

Thanks to thorough renovation and reconstruction BEZALIN S.A. is a fully modern company with machinery and technological equipment of Italian‚ German, Norwegian, Danish origin, and employing qualified engineering and technical staff, supported by renowned scientific and research institutions and universities for new technological solutions.

Bezalin's products are well-known and much appreciated thanks to their high quality parameters.  They find buyers on the Polish market and on many demanding foreign markets, which is best illustrated by the fact that nearly 40% of our production is exported.