About the company

About the company

BEZALIN S.A. is a leading manufacturer of technical textiles and fire hoses. The company combines tradition with modernity.

It all started with a small private workshop, founded in the mid-19th century, which produced ropes from natural fibres with the simplest methods. Over the years it developed into a modern manufacturing company applying the latest technologies and the whole wealth of its long-time experience in the industry.

We offer a very wide range of products and we cater for a number of industries such as fire protection (Bezalin Fire) , agriculture (Bezalin Agro),  sports (Bezalin Sport) as well as technical industry (Bezalin Tech).

Bezalin's products are unlimitedly versatile and their application often depends on the ingenuity of the user.
They meet the requirements of European standards, which is confirmed by the approvals we have been granted.

The range of articles is regularly updated and extended with new solutions in response to Customers' needs. Our typical and traditional products are subject to constant modifications with a view to improve their quality, aesthetics and appearance, while retaining their original original character. The newly introduced modern solutions offer new quality for continually refined and challenging requirements of the market.

Bezalin S.A. is also a distributor of fire protection equipment.

All we do makes only sense as far as it serves the Customer. Our trademark is high quality, flexibility and aesthetics of products, short delivery time and manufacturer's reliability. Customer's satisfaction is our top priority and we take every effort to go even further - offering the possibility of producing short series and  applying customer's individual specification.

Bezalin is ISO 9001:2000 certified, which is the confirmation of trustworthiness and reliability of the company.

Welcome to Bezalin S.A.!